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April 2017

Publications of Great Shirazi Family on Display at Karbala International Book Fair

The books and publications of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi and other members of the Shirazi family are presented at Karbala International Book Fair in Iraq. The Darul Ulum Publishing Center from Lebanon is responsible for displaying the books of the Grand Jurist. This Publishing and Research Center compiles and presents the works of the Great Shirazi family to the large pool of researchers and avid readers. Karbala International Book Fair receives book enthusiasts since Monday April 24, for fifteen days.

Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Hosts Seminary Students in Basra

Over the past few days, the Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Basra hosted some groups of seminary teachers and students from the holy city of Najaf. Sheikh Nazar Al-Hasan, the director of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office in Basra received these seminary personalities and talked to them. Improving the educational system of the Islamic seminaries was the main theme of these talks.

Members of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office Visit Flooded Areas in East Azerbaijan

Following a massive flood in some northwestern Iran, the Central Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom sent some delegations to the flooded areas in order to convey the condolences of the Grand Jurist to the victims of this incident. These delegations visited some areas in the towns of Azar Shahr and Ajab Shir and participated in memorial ceremonies of the victims in these towns. In the end, some supplies were given out to the people in the area. Heavy rains and river flooding in some northwestern Iran have left 50 people killed and injured.

Nonviolence Organization Concerned over Palestinian Prisoners’ Conditions

Nonviolence Organization released a statement on April 13, coinciding with Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, and demanded the International Community to take appropriate measures in order to facilitate the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israelis prisons. The Palestinian prisoners have been demanding their basic human rights by going on hunger strikes inside the Israeli prisons for over years.

Statements by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi among Shias from Kuwait

A group of Shia Muslims from Kuwait were the guests of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi, at the Grand Jurist’s Central Office in holy Qom, on Friday, April 21st. These Kuwaiti Shia Muslims met with the Grand Jurist in person and listened to the guidelines of his eminence.

Head of Iraq’s Political Council Attends Event to Honor Martyred Feyli Kurds

Baghdad, the Iraqi capital hosted an event to honor the martyred Feyli Kurds. Over the past few days, a ceremony was held to honor the martyred Feyli Kurds, hosting members of Iraq’s parliament, military officials, and managers of cultural and social institutions as well as the large number of people. Mr. Mighdad Al-Baghdadi, the director of Iraq’s political council, affiliated to the office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi was also among the attendance at this event. Latest political, economic, and social issues of Iraq were discussed at this event.

Members of Islamic Action Organization Meet High-Profile Political and Military Officials

Over the past few days, the offices of Islamic Action Organization in Iraq participated in several cultural and social programs.

High-profile political and military experts met with the director of Islamic Action Organization at his Office. Mr. Hasan Al-Asadi, the deputy president of Islamic Action Organization was hosting Mr. Haidar Al-Mowla, a member of Iraq’s parliament and the commander of the ninth battalion of Iraq’s popular mobilization army. In this meeting, security issues and latest updates on field operations in Mosul were discussed.

Furthermore, Mr. Layez, the head of Samawa city council, Dr. Talib, the deputy director of Rumaitha district council, Mr. Qabil Hamoud, the director of Urban Planning Department of Al-Mutahnna and Mr. Abdul Wahhab Yassiri, the head of Majd district council met with Mr. Taklif Al-Ziyadi, the director of Islamic Action Organization in Al-Muthanna province.

Meanwhile, a delegation from the Islamic Action Organization, consisting of Sheikh Ala Asadi, Mr. Ibrahim Jawad Al-Hasnawi, and Dr. Ghaith Al-Awad met with Mr. Hamid Al-Khazri a member of Iraq’s parliament and the president of Hamvatan Party. In this meeting which took place at Iraq’s parliament building, both sides exchanged their views on the political and security issues of Iraq.

Scientific Gatherings at Fatimia Islamic School in Kabul, Afghan Capital

In recent days, Lady Fatima Complex in Kabul hosted a cultural and scientific event which was co-organized by Imam Hadi Institution and the Islamic School of Fatimia. The purpose of this event was to investigate the ways to improve the curriculums of the Islamic School of Fatimia. Sheikh Aref Kusha, the director of the Grand Jurist’s Office and Imam Hadi Institution in Kabul was the speaker at this gathering. Several teachers of Islamic sciences, managers of Islamic seminaries, and different experts commented on the topics related to religious education in Afghanistan.

Walking Pilgrim of Imam Rida Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Holy Qom, Iran

A community of pilgrims from Tuwairij district in holy Karbala started a pilgrimage on foot to visit the sacred shrine of Imam Rida, peace be upon him, in Mashhad city in Iran. On their way to this holy shrine, this community of pilgrims stopped at the Central Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom and met with his eminence. In this meeting, the Iraqi pilgrims listened to the guidelines of the Grand Jurist. Furthermore, the Grand Jurist’s son, Sayyid Husayn Shirazi joined these pilgrims and delivered a lecture to them.

Birth Celebrations of Imam Ali in Washington, the US

Imam Ali center in Washington DC organized big ceremonies to celebrate the birth anniversary of Imam Ali, peace be upon him. Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Zakeri, the director of Imam Shirazi World Foundation and one of the representatives of the Grand Jurist in the US was among the attendance at this ceremony. In this event, which was hosting the large number of Shias and lovers of the AhlulBayt, the participants recited Quran and listened to religious lectures and eulogies.