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September 2016

The Gathering of Preachers at the Central Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

As the month of Muharram draws close, on September 28, 2016, the preachers and scholars will gather at the Central Office of the grand Ayatollah Shirazi in the holy city of Qom, where the grand jurist will explain points regarding the great movement of Imam Husayn and the duties of different segments of the society especially the preachers and scholars in globalizing this movement.


First Islamic Seminary in Arabic Established in India

Following the orders of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi to expand the activities of the Islamic Seminaries all across the world, the first Islamic Seminary in Arabic language in India was founded in the city of Lucknow. The opening ceremony of the Islamic Seminary of Abu Talib was attended by several representatives of the Grand Jurist from the cities of Qom and Karbala. In addition, many religious and social activists including Mr. Saleh Ashur, a Parliament member of Kuwait as well as many prayer leaders, Islamic lecturers, and teachers and students of Islamic Seminaries were present at the opening ceremony of this Seminary. Mr. Sayyid Kalb Sadiq and Sayyid Sayf Abbas Naqvi, the director of Abu Talib Seminary spoke at this ceremony. It is noteworthy that the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s message was also read at the opening ceremony of the first Arabic Shia Educational Institution in India. Lady Khadija TV Channel covered this ceremony and many Indian state-run newspapers and magazines published reports about this Islamic Seminary.

Delegation from Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office Visits Lady Khadija TV Channel

In his travel to India, Sheikh Mahdi Ma’ash represented the Central Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi and visited the Office of Lady Khadija TV Channel in the Indian city of Lucknow. During this visit, the representative of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi delivered the guidelines of the Grand Jurist and was informed of the activities by this TV Channel. Lady Khadija TV Channel was established in 2008 to produce and broadcast programs about the culture of the AhlulBayt, peace be upon them, in all over India.

Delegates of Annaba Cultural Institute Meet Head of Faculty of Theology at Kufa University

Sheikh Murtida Ma’ash, the director and some members of Annaba cultural institute met with Dr. Sheikh Walid Asadi, the dean of Faculty of Theology at Kufa University. At this meeting, latest religious topics were discussed. Mr. Ali Al-Taliqani, a journalist, Dr. Khalid Al-Ardawi, the director of Al-Furat Center, and Sheikh Ali Al-Shimmari were also present at this meeting.

Deputy Director of Iraq’s Islamic Amal Organization Meets Karbala Police Chief

Mr. Hasan Al-Asadi, the deputy director of Iraq’s Islamic Amal Organization, in the company of Mr. Aqil Al-Masoudi, a member of the Iraqi parliament, made a visit to Karbala police headquarters and met with General Ahmed Zuwaini, the city’s police chief. In this meeting, several security issues about Karbala city and Iraq were raised and both parties emphasized on the importance of safety of the people and religious sites.


Free Muslim Demands Mid-East Countries to Solve Refugee Crisis

Wars and tensions have resulted in thousands dead, wounded, and homeless in the Middle Eastern countries. All these disasters have led to a crisis where millions of Muslims had to migrate to the European countries. In this regard, Free Muslim expressed its concerns for the increase of terrorist activities in Muslim countries which has created the refugee crisis. In the end, this human rights Organization demanded the international community to fulfill its legal duties and help solve this humanitarian crisis.

Celebrations of Ghadir Eid Worldwide

Islamic Centers affiliated to the Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi celebrated the auspicious Eid of Ghadir in different parts of the world. These celebrations were attended by representatives of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, cultural, social, and religious figures and the public. Recitation of eulogies and poetries were parts of these celebrations.

Free Muslim Demands Saudi Arabia and Yemen to End War

In recent years, there has been a bloody war going on between the two countries of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This ongoing war has led to a big number of casualties, including innocent civilians, women and the children and it has left an irreparable destruction in Yemen. Therefore, Free Muslim Organization, affiliated to the Office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi released a statement in which it denounced the continuance of this war and demanded both parties to end this humanitarian crisis. The human rights Organization of Free Muslim also added that sensible dialogue and negotiation can end this war. The years-long airstrikes of Saudi Arabia have resulted in nothing but the destruction of Yemen and the genocide of the Yemenis.

Imam Shirazi World Center Makes Efforts to Fight Radicalism in Canada

Following the guidelines of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi to introduce the genuine Islam, Imam Shirazi World Center in Canada has begun series of civil and legal activities to fight Islamic radicalism in the western countries. In this regard, Imam Shirazi Center held talks with several religious and cultural centers and civil rights foundations in Canada. Imam Shirazi Center also contacted several UN representatives and followers of other faiths, and established campaigns to fight the so-called Islamic radicalism. It is noteworthy that these activities have resulted in a lawsuit to fight radicalism in Canada.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Lectures on Ghadir in his Advanced Jurisprudence Courses

On the threshold of Ghadir Day, the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi delivered a lecture about Ghadir in his advanced courses of jurisprudence. The Grand Jurist clarified on the great culture of Ghadir, and its effects on the prosperity of the society. His eminence also underscored the significance of globalizing this culture and laid out some practical ways to apply it in our societies. The advanced jurisprudence courses of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi are held in Zaynul Abedin Mosque in holy Qom.