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August 2016

Shia Rights Watch Releases Monthly Report

Shia Rights Watch Organization released its latest monthly report of the violations of the Shias’ human and religious rights across the world. This report sheds light on the latest terrorist activities against the Shia populace and highlights the violations of civil rights of the Shia Muslims by some governments. This report will be handed over to the media, international foundations, and the public opinion.

It is noteworthy that this report is compiled by reports from civil rights activists around the world.


Visitations by Members of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office in Medina

A delegation of the office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Medina made visits to the offices of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Shahrudi and Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Sanad in this city. During these visits, latest religious, social, and preaching activities about Hajj event were discussed. It is noteworthy that the office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Medina is located behind the Bilal Mosque.

Saudi Authorities Abuse Hajj Pilgrims from Iraq

The human rights organization of Shia Rights Watch condemned the numerous cases of verbal abuse, maltreatments, and violence by the Saudi authorities at the country’s airports and demanded the Saudi government to respect the human and Islamic values regarding the hajj pilgrims. Recent reports confirmed that the groups of Iraqi pilgrims face insults, abuses, and harsh treatments in Saudi airports.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Office Opens in Holy Medina

With the arrival of Hajj season, the Office of the Grand Islamic jurist, Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi opened in the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Visitations to the Offices of other Islamic jurists, religious lectures, the distribution of religious books, and hosting religious figures, representatives of Islamic jurists and the different groups of hajj pilgrims, are among the most important programs of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi office in Medina. This Office is located in holy Medina, near the Mosque of Bilal.

Free Muslim Demands G20 Members to Improve Humanitarian Conditions

In a statement released a few days before the G20 Summit, the human rights organization of Free Muslim, affiliated to the office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi demanded the 20 major economies of the world to join efforts and improve the political and economic conditions in the Middle East.

In parts of this statement we read:

“The Middle East is experiencing a time of political and economic turmoil which is an outcome of incapable governments that failed to address the numerous political, social, and economic concerns of thousands of immigrants.”

In addition, the human rights organization of Free Muslim stated that the G20 forum is responsible to take appropriate decisions and help resolve the crises in the Middle East.


Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Representative Continues Tour Visit in Africa

In his travel to several African countries, Sheikh Muhammad Muzammal, a representative of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi visited the mosques, Islamic Centers, religious and cultural institutions, and met with their managers. At these meetings, Sheikh Muzammal delivered the prayers and guidelines of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi to the youth and the religious and cultural activists. He also emphasized on more cultural and religious activities in the African continent. It is noteworthy that this travel was organized by the Grand jurist’s office and Marjaeyat TV in holy Qom.

Islamic Center of Lady Fatima Welcomes Religious Activists in Ottawa

In his travel to Canada, the distinguished and well-known religious lecturer in the Muslim world, Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Al-Faali, attended religious programs by Lady Fatima Islamic Center in Ottawa and made speeches to the masses of Shia believers. These religious programs was also attended by the representatives of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi and several religious, cultural and civil activists. Group prayers, recitation of the holy Quran, and the religious eulogies were also part of these programs.

Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Central Office Hosts Cultural Activists and Seminary Students

Sheikh Abdul Rida Ma’ash and a number of managers of the fourteen infallibles institution accompanied a group of female Seminary students in their visit to the central office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom. At their presence in this office, these cultural activists and seminary students had a meeting with the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi where they listened to the statements and advices of his eminence.

SRW Voices Concern over Arrests of Shia Clerics in Bahrain

Shia Rights Watch expressed its serious concerns over the growing restrictions on the Shia clerics and religious activists in Bahrain. It is noteworthy that in the last three months, forty seven Shia clerics were arrested and taken to prison for unknown reasons.

Karbala Police Chief Met Head of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Public Relations Office

Mr. Ahmed Zuwayni, the police chief of holy Karbala, at the top of a team of law enforcement and security officials met with the Mr. Aref Nasrullah, the head of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Public Relations Office in this city. At this meeting, both sides discussed different topics such as the latest security plans and measures to guarantee the security of Karbala sacred sites against ISIS attackers, the current social and security situations of holy Karbala and the need for more defense equipment and cooperation. In addition, Mr. Nasrullah delivered the prayers of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi for the Iraqi forces and offered its help and support.