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January 2016

New Issue of Al-Mukhtar Magazine Published

The newest issue of Al-Mukhtar magazine was published.

This magazine includes several articles on different topics such as politics, economics, and different social issues which are inspired from viewpoints of the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Shirazi and Grand Jurist Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi. Reports about the martyrdom of Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr and the death of Sayyid Muhammad Jawad Shirazi are other parts of this magazine.

Al-Mukhtar magazine is published by Annaba cultural and media institute.

17 mokhtar

Shias Celebrate Prophethood and Imamate in Tanzania

During recent days, some shias in Mushi city, in Tanzania held a celebration under the title of Prophethood and Imamate.

This event, was also attended by distinguished religious figures from Shia and Sunni scholars, and the public believers in this city.

Sheikh Abdul Reza Ma’ash, Sheikh Seraj Al-Din, Sheikh Salman Salim, director of AhlulBayt institute in Tanzania, and Sheikh Abdul Razzaq the deputy director of AhlulBayt institute were among the lecturers at this event. The lecturers discussed different topics about the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and other subjects such as following the Prophet Household.

AhlulBayt cultural institute is a center dependent to the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Tanzania.

16 Tanzania

New Cultural and Media Center Opens in Baghdad

The cultural and media institute of Fares Al-Mukhtar, a media institute supported by Iraqi’s Voluntary Forces started its activities in a ceremony in the capital Baghdad.

This ceremony was hosting Mr. Ufi Al-Saedi, the director of Baghdad Cultural and Islamic center as well as some other members of this office.

In addition, Mr. Amjad Kanani, and Mr. Ali Ka’abi, directors of Fares Al-Mukhtar media institute held talks with Mr. Ufi Al-Saedi and emphasized on more cooperation between the two institutes.

17 Moasese fares

SRW Releases its Monthly Report

Shia rights watch, a human rights organization dependent to the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi has released its latest monthly report about the violations of Shia Muslims’ religious and human rights in different parts of the world. This report also addresses recent terrorist movements and anti-Shia acts by state members of some countries in different parts of the world. Many human rights activists have contributed to this report with verified documents which will be presented to the Media, international foundations, and the public opinion.

16 srw

Offices of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Basra holy Karbala and Najaf Host Different People

During recent days, a number of seminary and university students, religious personalities, and the public believers attended some meeting sessions at the offices of the grand ayatollah shirazi in holy Najaf and Karbala.

During these meetings, all sides emphasized on solidarity of the Muslims and propagating the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his pure Household, peace be upon them.

In the end, the guests listened to a speech by Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Zakeri about Youths serving the Culture of AhlulBayt.

16 Daftar karbala & Najaf

Activities by Delegations of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Basra

A delegation team from the grand ayatollah shirazi central office, head by Sheikh Jalal Ma’ash made a trip to the city of Basra in Iraq and visited religious centers, mosques, husayniyahs, in Basra and met with managers of these centers, the tribe leaders, and other religious figures in this city.

In these meetings, the delegations of the grand Ayatollah shirazi attended the memorial ceremony of Lady Fatima martyrdom in some of these centers.

10 Basreh

A Seminar on Planning Methods in Basra

A seminar on methods of planning for the future and discovering the weak points, was held in Basra and hosted university and scientific personalities, and the students. Sheikh Abdul Rida Ma’ash delivered a lecture about the topic of this seminar.

In the end, the president of science faculty thanked the works done by Sheikh Maash concerning religious programs.

10 hamaiesh

Commander of Al-Hujjah Brigade Visits Injured Soldiers

Mr. Aqil Sha’aban, the commander of Al-hujjah brigade, a military branch of Iraq’s voluntary forces, visited the injured soldiers in Baghdad.

In these visits, Mr. Aqil Sha’aban appreciated the sacrifices made by these soldiers and wished them a quick recovery. He also emphasized on adequate medical treatments for the injured soldiers.

Ansar Al-Hujjah brigade was formed to defend Iraq against ISIS terrorists after the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi called for defense.

10 sepah

Islamic Ruling by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Distributed in Philippine

After successive requests and demands by the Shia community in Philippine, Brothers Printing Company managed to publish and distribute the book of Islamic rulings written by grand ayatollah shirazi.

The religious activists, university students, and the public believers in Philippine can have this book which is in English.

10 Resaleh